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Copper State: Your Local Craic Dealer

Craic (pronounced “crack” but not to be confused with “crack”) is a Gaelic word that is nothing short of awesome. Once again, as in the case of the German word “gemütlichkeit,” (which actually has a similar meaning but with an added umlaut), modern English has no great translation, even though the Irish borrowed this word from the old English in the first place. Here are a few ways that the modern native Irish people have tried to define “craic” (in your heads, please read these next few quotes in your best Irish accent. Or out loud. Nobody will judge you):

“It’s heading into a pub on a Saturday afternoon and it’s already full and everyone is on for having a good time."

“You can’t define it. It’s just something which happens. It’s organic. It depends on what is happening, where you are and who’s there."

"It's a warm word, about having fun, a social time, laughing and telling jokes -- that sort of thing."

Boiled down (like a good head of Irish cabbage), I guess the most straightforward definition of the word is “fun” or “enjoyment,” but the true meaning involves something much greater and all-embracing—lively conversation, the best of times, in the best of company. Alcohol isn’t a necessary ingredient, but it sure doesn’t hurt the craic situation (and it might help with the cabbage situation).

According to our Irish friends, there are even different levels of craic—ranging from minus craic (which sounds as bad as it is), good craic, mighty craic, savage craic, deadly craic…all the way to the highest form of craic—“the craic was ninety”—a phrase to say that everything about the night was amazing: the pints were great, the company was stellar, the conversation flowed. I daresay, it sounds like the Irish crafted our mission statement:

Connecting people. Creating experiences. Crafting great beer.

Perhaps we should just change our mission statement to one word: craic. Unfortunately, that might not get us the kind of business or clientele we desire.

But this one word does encompass everything we are trying to do here at Copper State—we’re trying to give you some mighty savage craic. And craic is highly addictive. Once you find your people and you come into our establishment for good company and good times, you won’t be able to stop at just one of those experiences. Consider Copper State your craic dealer. Come in for the beer—stay for the craic! It's beyond deadly.

So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the large numbers of Gaelic people in the fair city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, I’ll leave you with this famous Irish blessing, albeit with a few tweaks for fun and good measure:

An Irish Blessing

(As modified slightly by the High Brau Frau of Copper State Brewing Company)

May your pint glass rise to meet you,

May your friends be always here for craic,

May our barstools stay warm upon your cheeks

And the head fall soft upon your beers.

And until we meet again,

May you take a crowler home in the palm of your hand.

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