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Copper State of the Brewery Address: 2019

We come before you today another year older and about to enter the terrible twos of our existence. As a parent, this is an age fraught with tantrums and unreasonable behavior. As a brewery, we will try our best to navigate this volatile year with grace and all the maturity we can muster, but we’re not promising anything.

Our mission remains clear and strong: Creating experiences. Connecting people. Crafting great beer.

Let’s take a look at how we fulfilled this mission in the last year, and some ways we plan to fulfill it in the year to come (feel free to applaud wildly, shout “Hear, hear!” and raise your glasses to drink whenever you hear something amazing).

This last year we:

· Created experiences and connected people through events like Winner, Winner, Beer and Dinner, trivia nights, World Beard Day and Oktoberfest parties

· Crafted some great beer and doubled our barrel production and our distribution in Northeast Wisconsin

· Brewed our 100th batch of beer

· Educated the masses with brewery tours and blog posts from the ridiculously good- looking High Brau Frau

· Got involved with the homebrew community by holding a fantastic homebrewers’ wort challenge, and also a Girls Pint Out homebrew competition

· Collaborated with and supported the GB Art community with their Unhinged Event

· Raised $1000 for the Resilience fund to help the victims of the fires in the Sierras

· Saved cute puppies by raising over $2000 for Lucky 7 Dog Rescue with our Doggie Derby event

· Donated over $2000 to My Brother’s Keeper in GB with our Locals Only collaborative brew (how about that Key Lime Gose?)

· Provided hungry and thirsty people with a warm and welcoming place to gather over great beer, great coffee, and great food, served by some of the most amazing people in town

This coming year we plan to:

· Double down on our barrel-aged program to brew more tasty beers like our Rum Barrel Silent Canary, and this Double Whammy Old Fashioned beer aged in brandy barrels

· Don our goggles and doff our lab coats to experiment with crazy yeast strains and souring bacterium

· Improve our biergarten by offering full dining service out there, and we’ll also work on improving this menopausal Wisconsin weather so we can actually venture outside

· Continue to have the brewmaster with the best hair of all the brewmasters in the land

· Win an award for one or several of our beers at the GABF or other festivals

· Release the One Cent Wheat and the Pomegranate Pucker in cans this summer

And last but not least, we have a special goal and announcement to make: stay tuned for an announcement on all the medias in the days to come.

Thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your social lives these last couple of years. We have loved serving you, Green Bay, and we hope to grow even bigger and better in the years to come.

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