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Brewery Tours

Looking to increase your beer knowledge so you can appear smarter than your friends or that beer snob coworker? Searching for a great experience with your friends and family members? Chasing after a world record in the number of breweries you’ve toured in your lifetime (leaving behind a lasting legacy for your children and your children’s children)? Or just hoping for a great time with some friends or some strangers who will become your friends over some beers? Whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered at Copper State. We offer a variety of tours based on your desires, your level of commitment to your craft beer hobby, and your geekiness. Here are your options:


1. Spectacularly Standard Tour—$15 a person—by appointment only--includes a free beer and a Copper State beer glass. 

If you’re looking to enjoy a spectacularly standard tour while knocking back a tasty brew, this tour is for you. It is just long enough to be enjoyable and full of great information, while not boring you with too many details about the aceltaldehyde of the fermentation when you really just want to drink beer and see the big tanks where the beer lives. (Length—about half an hour)


2. Clue-ery Brewery Scavenger Hunt Tour—$25 a person—by appointment only—groups of 2-10 people--includes one free beer, mystery prizes in a treasure box, and an experience which will turn into a memory upon which you will fondly look back forever.


Seeking an awesome memory-making experience with your friends, family, or coworkers? Do you love crafted clues and pun-tastical poems (and made-up words)? This quest will take you all around our historic brewery building; you will learn about the brewing process and a bit of the history of our building and people, as you follow the clues and seek answers that will lead you to unlock the treasure chest to claim your prize. (Length—an hour to 1.5 hrs, depending on your gumshoe-ery for brewery clue-ery)


3. Ultimate Beer Geekery Tour—$35 a person—by appointment only--led by the brewmaster himself, includes two free beers, Copper State beer glass, and as much knowledge as you can handle.

Do you dream about impressing people with your beer knowledge? Have you been made fun of at work for not knowing what flocculation means? Do you have questions about the difference between Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces? If you want to ask questions about the hop varieties, learn more about the process, or find out what a bung hole has to do with brewing, then this is the tour for you. Pride yourself on your beer knowledge? See if you can stump our brewmaster on this tour, as you enjoy beer geekery together. (Length—around an hour, depending on your interest and nerdiness)

Please contact us at to schedule any of the above. 

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