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It’s that time of year again—the time where we express our love publicly to the one we have so long admired. For us at Copper State, I think you already know our heart’s desire: beer. Yes, it’s true, we can’t get enough of that fermented beverage—it speaks to our souls and warms us in a way no one else can.

It spurs us to express our love for beer in song form. There are so many classic love songs out there—and in these songs all we hear is beer:

“Can’t Keg Enough of Your Love, Babe” by Beery White

“I don’t Want to Miss a Drink” by Aeration-smith

“You Make me Want to Stout: A Little Bit Lauter Now” by the Isley Brewthers

“You Got the Moves Like Lager” by Barroom 5

“Kraeusen for You” by Maltdonna

“Because I’m Hoppy” by Barrel Williams

“Help Me, Blonde Ale (yeah, get her out of my tap)” by the pH Boys

“Lovin’, Kölschin’, Squeezin’” by Journeyman

“I Will Always Lovibond You” by Witbier Houston

“I Want you Bock” by Jackson 5

“The Sound of Silent Canary” by Simon and Bar-funkel

“Malty Good Man” by Salt ‘n Hopper

“Ale I Ask of You” from Ferment of the Opera

“My Heart Will Brew On” by Cellaring Dion (you know how that one goes, sing it with me now… “Beer, Bar, Wherever You Are…”)

And of course, Brewmaster Jon’s favorite song:

“Everything I Brew, I Brew it for You” by Beeryan Adams—Jon likes it so much that he wanted me to include some of the lyrics for you, as his love song to you:

“Look into my tanks, you will see, what beer means to me,

I sparge my heart, I keg my soul,

When you taste our beer, your search is o’er.

Don’t tell me it’s not worth paying more

For good craft beer, better with every pour.

You know it’s true, everything I brew, I brew it for you.”

We love beer. And we love you too, Green Bay. Thanks for sharing our love of beer with us.

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