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18 Resolutions for '18

It’s 2018, and it’s the middle of January already, about the time when people are just starting to default on the resolutions they made two weeks ago with such fervent hope and wistful desire. Therefore, it seems like a good time for Copper State to make some resolutions for the upcoming year. Hard to believe that it’s only been seven months since we opened our doors, and 2018 promises to bring even more beer-filled joy for all of us, not to mention the food comas to which we will pleasantly succumb. So here you go—eighteen resolutions for ’18—some real things to watch for this year, some dreams, and some just for fun, because at Copper State we like to add a bit of fun to your lives. Enjoy!

1. Add breakfast and lunch to our already kickin’ menu. (Hey—we did that one already! Feels good to start the year off with one resolution already completed.) As of this month, you can enjoy your favorite food in town any time of the day. Check out the breakfast menu here. And check out our new lunch menu here.

2. Start brewing test batches on our pilot system (see previous “Looking for a Wingman” blog post here, where I ripped off all the good lines from Top Gun). Watch for special release beers this year and interesting one-off batches. And think about joining our FermentNation here so you can be a part of some new beer release parties and decisions going forward.

3. Offer three different levels of brewery tours with some unique twists (see future blog post that I haven’t written yet, sure to be clever and funny. See that post here...oh, I can't link that one since it isn't finished yet, so Resolution #3.5 is to figure out a hyperlink to the future--I'll get Marty McFly and Doc to help with that).

4. Get more people to read this blog.

5. Distribute our beer to local establishments, so that in case your lame friends suggest that you go somewhere that is not Copper State, you can still enjoy your favorite beer from Copper State. Then, next time, you can convince them to come to Copper State.

6. Improve on the biergarten for the upcoming season (start thinking warm happy thoughts and let us know what you'd like to see out there--fire feature, anyone?).

7. Learn to knit.

8. Order better weather for our 2018 Bestival Oktoberfestival in the Midwestival, to make it even betterstival than last year.

9. Order better weather for the farmer’s markets in downtown Green Bay.

10. Win an award for one of our beers at the World Beer Cup, and not one of those lame participation awards that are so frequently handed out these days to make sure we don’t bruise the pride of the next generation, but a real medal for having really good beer.

11. Lose 20 pounds.

12. Get the canning and bottling lines up and running and hit the stores. Because when you’re faced with that daunting wall of beer choices at the store, all you’re thinking is “Just show me where the Copper State section is.” We hear you.

13. Have our brewmaster win a contest for the best beard and flowing locks among all the Wisconsin brewmasters (and not one of those lame participation ribbons they hand out to make sure we don’t bruise the pride of the next generation of baby-faced brewmasters, but a real award for real facial hair).

14. See if we can start one of those “beer choirs” at our place, where we can learn some old toast songs and lift our glasses as we lift our voices in beautiful harmony.

15. Learn German, so that we can pronounce all the various malt names and beer styles (along with the songs like “Ein Prosit” and “Sie Leben Hoch” that we’ll learn for #14).

16. Learn Latin, so that we can pronounce all the various yeast strains, and then make up a song that includes all of the strains that we use in our beer. That will be fun.

17. Stay true to our vision: Become the place to come and be.

18. Stay true to our mission statement:

Looking forward to a great year of fermenting with you, Green Bay. Let’s do this.

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