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The Morning of Brew Day

‘Twas the morning of brew day and all through the brewhouse,

Not a creature was stirring except for my spouse.

The malt bags were stacked by the grain mill with care,

In hopes that the brewmaster soon would be there.

The yeast were all nestled, their various strains,

While sugar chains danced through their single-celled brains.

Brewer Jon in his wellies and Copper State cap,

Came in before dawn to get more beer on tap.

When up in the maltroom there came such a din,

The grain was weighed out; it was time to mill in.

Away to the grain mill Jon flew in a flash,

Tore open the lever, let down grain for mash.

The sun on the rise o’er the town of Green Bay,

The city was coming awake for the day.

When what through the brewhouse glass should appear,

But the first ingredient used to make beer.

Coming down through the auger into the mash tun,

Pouring into the water to start up the fun.

Where starches to sugars the enzymes convert

The solution at this stage is aptly named “wort.”

Lautering! Sparging! (So many great words,

This brewing business is truly for nerds.)

Spent grain down below fills the bins to their brims,

To feed all the livestock out at Farmer Tim’s.

Next stop is the kettle, the wort to make pure,

(You’ll see all of this if you come take a tour.)

And now! Hop additions—no two hops the same

Jon tosses them in and he calls them by name:

On Citra! On Simcoe! On Michigan Copper!

On Crystal, Cascade! Get into the hopper!

Mosaic and Saaz, Tettnang, Hallertau!

Release all your oils; isomerize now!

After a spin in the kettle whirlpool,

The wort in a tizzy is set soon to cool.

Swift cooling’s important to maintain good taste,

And that’s why Jon’s moving at such a quick pace.

Once the wort has been chilled it is moved to a tank.

You can think of this as the world’s foremost beer bank.

And here the yeast starts its magical job,

Turning wort into beer for Green Bay’s thirsty mob.

You’d better not cry, you’d better not pout,

If you want from the Brewman a porter and stout.

A coffee blonde, wheat, or a new tasty lager,

It all sounds superb to this thirsty brew blogger.

Fermentation: so bubbly, a wonder, a miracle,

We firmly believe it’s a Christmas beer-acle!

From the mill to the tank to your glass, growler, or flight,

Merry Brew Day to all, and to all a good night!

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