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Looking for a Wingman

Our pilot system has landed. Brewmaster Jon, aka Maverick (he does look a little bit like Tom Cruise, although his current stage of hair growth is slightly more Last Samurai than Top Gun) is finishing up the installation process and is looking for a good wingman…or several. Allow me to explain.

At Copper State, we have a thirty barrel brewing system; this means we can brew approximately 1000 gallons of beer at a time. That’s a big commitment, to the tune of 1600-2200 pounds of malt, 15 gallons of yeast, and 30-40 pounds of hops. That means Maverick better be sure it’s a top gun recipe he’s using in the cockpit so that we don’t have to dump 1000 gallons of beer out the hatch. Do we like to waste time and money? That’s a negative, Ghost Reader.

This has led Mav to remark, “I feel the need…the need for a smaller scale brewing system.” With our pilot system, we can make three barrels (a mere 93 gallons) of beer. This means we can experiment with some fun new ideas, brew a one-off batch for a special occasion, and develop recipes that we can then scale up to brew on our thirty barrel system.

This also means you have a mission: we need some wingmen to help choose what recipes we try, and to help decide which small scale recipes make the cut and become large scale recipes. If you really want to get involved, you can become a member of our FermentNation, with a lot of fun perks and benefits. Check out membership options here.

Don’t make Copper State a flyby. Our new pilot system has the potential to make your beer flights even more enjoyable. If you’ve lost that loving feeling, get your Ray-bans on and come check us out.

Got some ideas for new recipes you’d like to see us test out? Talk to me, Goose.

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