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Ruminations upon Opening

As I sit here in the empty building a couple of days from our grand opening, looking at the space our team has crafted, I can’t help thinking about all the man (and woman) hours that have gone into this place. This is where that grit that I mentioned comes in. On April 1st, a mere two months ago, Hinterland had their last day in this building. Later that night our wrecking crew (a loose term for all the manly men in our group) entered and started knocking down walls. We came with a vision--we wanted to make the space our own, and yet retain many of the cozy spaces for which Hinterland was known and loved. And folks, I humbly and yet proudly think we succeeded.

The story is in the details. From the hand-painted ceiling (think Sistine Chapel, only in monochrome) to our brewmaster’s beloved epoxy floors (think Sistine Chapel, only upside-down and bumpier), hard work and love for craftsmanship shines through. Every piece tells a story. Come on in—find a guy named Bill and ask him about the antique ship lights—or if you’re in the mood for a sad story, ask him about the coffee roaster that almost was and someday will be. Find Ben and ask him about the tap handles; find Brad or Kristin and ask about the Wisconsin maps that hang on our walls. Find me, the High Brau Frau, and ask about the bar stools and copper accent pieces. Find Gregg and ask him about seven-hour city council meetings and obtaining all the correct licensing through the TTB…okay, no one wants to hear about that. Find any of us and ask about the tribute wall upstairs that displays our ancestors in the throes of all their hard work…in those pictures you can see the work ethic that was passed down to all of us, and that is evident in the details of this building.

We haven’t even talked about the beer or food yet; those are details that should never be overlooked, no matter how good the building looks. Never fear—we have a true craftsman in the brewhouse, and craftsmen and women in the kitchen, ready to delight at least three and maybe up to six of your senses.

We at Copper State are so excited for you to come in to this place. Not just because we want to inundate you with the stories and fill you up with nourishment and good beer, but because we are on a mission. Our mission is this:

Creating Experiences. Connecting People. Crafting Great Beer.

Pretty simple, and yet somehow profound. In this world of technology and crazy schedules, we want to be a refreshing stop on your journey to wherever. Leave the outside world outside for a while. We want to become the place for you to come and…be. Create awesome memorable experiences; connect with your favorite people in life, and do this over some great craft beer and amazing food.

So come on in. We can't wait to meet you.

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