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Grit and Grist--the Copper State Story

In the 1970s and 80s, several people were born, many to the same family, and more who would marry into the aforementioned family, or marry cousins of said family, or siblings of those who married into the family, or be close enough friends to be considered family, and all of this was perfectly legal and not weird. These people would grow up to become bankers and steamfitters and moms and coffee shop owners and salesmen and teachers and dads and lawyers and engineers…and brewery owners. Because one day, the opportunity presented itself, and we grabbed it.

Before it was known for badgers and bovines, Wisconsin was the Copper State. Years ago, found and float copper were here in abundance, and the native people fashioned tools and weapons out of it; we can only assume they did this to keep people away from their fermented beverages. This wonderful state with its copper culture and rich history is our home, and we come from a long line of hard-working people--farmers, ship builders, milkmen, and the occasional mafia member among them. We are proud to continue our ancestors’ work ethic, with a focus on the world of craft beer.

Life is an adventure, and life is short, and craft beer is good. And when great beer and great food and great people are combined, everybody wins.

It takes grist to craft great beer. It takes grit to create a great brewery. We’ve got both.

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